Since 1971, MAHARAJA SOAPS is one of the leading manufacturer and exporters of Laundry Soaps, Detergents, Toilet Soaps and Liquid Cleaners. Here you can obtain high quality products from concept to production. Maharaja Soaps deals in more than 15 products of various soaps & detergents under 5 brand names i.e., MAHARAJA, SOMANI, MOZ, MST and EXTRA KLEEN. Aim at Maharaja Soaps is to satisfy its customer needs by providing them with wide range of products.


Maharaja Soaps is dealing in wide variety of Laundry Soaps/ Washing Soaps which mainly includes Yellow Laundry Soap, Brown Laundry Soap, White Laundry Soap, Multipurpose Soaps, Transparent Soaps, Tub Soaps, Natural Soaps, Oil based Soaps, Pure Oil Soaps, Glycerin based Soap/bar.


In the recent times, a vast majority of people have started washing their clothes from Synthetic Detergents. Various types of detergent powders/washing powder are being used to wash clothes. Depending upon the washing requirement we have developed Hand Wash Detergent Powder, Machine Wash Detergent Powder, Front Load Detergent Powders & Top Load Detergent Powder etc. Apart from detergent powder, we have introduced Detergent Cakes/ Detergent Bar of best quality to maintain shine, whiteness and quality of the fabric. Our detergent range also extends to Dish wash Bar & Dish wash Tubs. Dish wash bar & tubs are also known as Scouring Bar & Scouring Tubs. Our good quality of dish wash bar/tubs gives excellent cleaning to dishes being washed from it.


Natural and pure virgin oil are used to make best quality of soaps. It also makes the soaps environment friendly.


Maharaja Soaps has also provided customers with a wide range of Toilet Soaps which is mainly divided into Bath Soaps, Beauty Soaps, Ayurveda Soaps & Medicated Soaps.


Bath Soap has a wide variety like Aloe Vera Soap, Baby Soap, Coal Tar Soap, Extreme Moisturizing Soap, Moisturizing Soap, Moisturizing Soap with Vitamin E, Menthol/Mint Soap, Oat Soap, Premium Fragrance Soap. We are also manufacturing specialty soap like Tourmaline Soap, which keep negative energy away from us(As per Chinese & Japanese Belief).


Beauty soaps are manufactured using natural herbal and fruit extracts for good effect on skin as their core ingredient to enhance the beauty and maintain proper nourishment of the skin which includes: Cucumber Soap, Facial Soap, Natural Fairness Soap, Orange Soap, Papaya Soap, Sandal Soap, Sandal and Saffron Soap, Coal Tar Soap, Turmeric Soap & Tamarind with Aloe Vera Soap.


We are also manufacturing many Ayurveda Soap like Neem Soap, Neem Tulsi Pudina Soap, Neem Tulsi Aloe Vera Soap, Herbal Soaps, 21 Herbs Soaps etc…


Medicated/ Pharma soap which are manufactured have medicinal values in soaps like Antiseptic Soap, Anti Acne Soap, Whitening Soap, Anti Allergic Soap, Anti-Aging Soap, Benzoyl Soap, Ketoconazole Soap, Kojic Acid Soap, Pimple care Soap, Permethrin Soap, Sulfur Soap, Salicylic Acid Soap & Anti-Bacterial Soap.


We at Maharaja Soaps has also focus on daily household needs and has produced detergent based cleaner to provide to its domestic & international market like Glass Cleaner, Toilet Cleaner, Floor Cleaner, Deodorant Cleaner, Hand wash Liquids, Woolen Wash, Liquid Detergent, Tiles Cleaner & Hard Surface Cleaner.Dish washing Liquid commonly known as Dish washing Detergent/Dish-wash Gel/Liquid Dish Wash Soap is used for cleaning dishes.


The manufacturing plant of Maharaja Soaps is fully equipped with upgraded machinery having advanced technology to increase production level at least cost.