EXTRA KLEEN: It is our export grade liquid range. We export our toilet cleaners, glass cleaner, dish wash liquid and floor cleaner under this name. Apart from it, now it also serves the people in domestic market who need quality products.


Phenyl / Floor Cleaner Disinfectant is well known as Phenyl / floor cleaner in India. As the brand name says ‘Extra Kleen’ means commitment to function beyond basic function. The high quality of disinfectants used for its manufacturing kills all the bacteria and germs which are invisible to naked eyes. It cleaner leaves a long lasting smell on floor which can be smelled long after cleaning the floors. Bulk packing also available in 5 kg, 20 kg, 25kg, 50 kg and 200 kg.


Packing : White
Fragrance : Pine
Available Packings : 5 Ltr.
Master Packing : 4 Pieces of 5 Ltr per carton.