MOZ: It is the best brand in the portfolio. We understand that quality in products is very important for people and it should also be economically priced to make it affordable for middle income group of the country. Therefore, MOZ comes with the best quality ingredients at a very economical price as compared to other products.

It is a high TFM beauty soap. The bar gives a velvety feeling in hand with great finishing, smell and colour. It comes in three colour and fragrances: rose and lemon. The presence of export quality ingredients in the bar gives you great pleasure while bathing and leaves you with a light fragrance of perfume. Again it is economically priced so that you can experience bathing with MOZ. Feels like a dollop of cream in hand.



Packing : orange
Fragrance : SANDAL WOOD
Available Packings : 100 GM, 125 GM,
Master Packing : 96 * 100 GM