Detergent Cake

MST : This brand holds multiple products such as Woollen Wash, Dish Wash Bar/Scouring Bar, Dish Wash Box and Detergent Bar. All these products are of premium grade delivering outstanding results.


It is more useful for them who prefer to wash clothes from hand instead of machines. Alternatively, for tougher stain, use MST Detergent Cake directly on affected area before washing it with detergent for better results. Its unique feature is the power of enzymes which make the wash even more effective than other detergent cakes/bar. It is available in two sizes of 110 grams & 250 grams.


Packing : Blue
Fragrance : Light Rose
Available Packings : 250 gms.
Master Packing : 40 Pieces of 250gm in per carton.