Multipurpouse Soap

Our multipurpouse soap has found multipurpouse usage in our clients life. It can be used for taking bath, washing hands or clothes. It doesn\'t has any adverse effects as it has excellent quality. 

It has been specially designed for the markets where people have low expenditure power & need a single product to meet there multuple requirements. Specially in a few regions of Africa it has found a good customer base. It is competitive both quality & price wise if compared with other indonasian brands.

We offer our products to client along with the changes if required any.

  • Excellent quality.
  • Can be used for bathing & washing clothes.
  • Floral Fragrance
  • Extremely White 


Packing : White
Fragrance : Floral
Available Packings : 150 grm, 250 grm or as per customer requirement
Master Packing :