Bath Soap

Bath Soap: It is the best brand in the portfolio. We understand that quality in products is very important for people and it should also be economically priced to make it affordable for middle income group of the country. Therefore, MOZ comes with the best quality ingredients at a very economical price as compared to other products.

We are manufacturer of “Bath soap”. We have diversified & strong experience of manufacturing bath soap. Our manufacturer products meet international quality standards. It employees latest technology machinery. Producers made from high quality natural ingredients. These Bath soaps makes your skin feeling soft and smooth. They won\'t dry you out like soap and will leave you clean, as well as refreshed . It can be used in Bathing, cleaning & washing hands. It can be placed at all types of commercial & residential places.

Available Size:
75 gm
115 gm
Also Available in combo Pack (4pcs.)


Packing : White
Fragrance : Jasmine
Available Packings : 75gm, 115gm and combo of 4 pieces
Master Packing : Combo packaging 4 pieces of 115 gm per carton ;96 Pieces in per carton, Combo packaging 4 pieces of 75 gm per carton ;96 Pieces in per carton.