QUALITY CONTROL It is the most important factor for us. Let it be either incoming goods or outgoing finished products our processing are designed to maintain the quality from the first product till the last one. Our team of quality control is very stringent & have no doubts on their action plan, when a batch fails its designed parameter of quality. Feel free to continue reading to know more our quality control methodology; incase to curb your curiosity!!



We follow stringent measures in following areas :


We have established a dedicated quality control division which ensures hygienic and high-grade production. We follow the industrial standards and there is a rotating cycle of quality controlled manufacturing process. At every step of manufacturing, the quality of the manufactured products are being checked by the quality controlled officers.

We are committed to achieve excellence in all our products and services. The company has a long standing tradition of maintaining the high quality standards, right from the selection of raw materials to processing, packaging and final delivery of end product to customers.


The company has set up a full-fledged Quality Control and R&D department to continually improve the quality of existing products and to develop new products that can meet the growing demands of its ever increasing clientele. Refining and revising of processes is a major strength of our R&D team.